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About Us

Lovely Customer,

You are here for a reason, we are so happy that You are visiting our shop and our main goal is to make everything perfect for You!
We are based in Lithuania and we are selling second-hand vintage clothes. All of our clothes are professionally cleaned and disinfected to make them feel like they are brand new. If an item has some marks or spots we will provide photos of them in a listing. By buying second-hand clothes You are:
  • Reducing Your negative environmental impact (helping our mother nature)
  • Not promoting exploitative work conditions
  • Creating Your unique vintage look
We started our activity in the beginning of 2021, when world seemed to be turning the other way, when people were stuck in their homes, when everything tended to be a little bit harder...
But no matter what is happening around, You must have fun in this roller coaster, our priority is to bring happiness and smile in Your face for every breath You take and every blink You make!
As we receive vintage sweatshirts, there are a lot of blank ones, with no designs. What we do is we are redesigning them! Despite this fact all sweatshirts remain vintage as they were born long time ago, we are just adding some spice of love to them! That is our passion and brings us as much joy as finding some rare great vintage pieces!
Positivity is the key to successful life, that's why we are creating the most uplifting content we can, if You look good - You feel good! If a visit of our shop made You at least a tiny bit happier, if this message warmed You even just a little and most importantly if You are still listening to the words I am telling in Your head - it means that we are on the right path!

Be safe and put a smile on Your beautiful face!

*If You got any ideas You would like to share with us to make our services better, please contact our support and provide them, Your opinion is the most important for us!
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